Wholesale Sheet To Sheet Laminating Machine Supply In Bulk From China

Model: ZWFM-1100
Paper Thickness: 100-500gsm
Voltge: 380V 50Hz
Film Thickness: 8~25 micron

Description of paper sheet laminating machine

ZWFM-1100 paper sheet laminating machine is designed for thermal (pre-coating) laminating. It is easy to use and does not require gluing device. Electrical programmable system centralization, touch screen easy to operate, cost-effective. High degree of automation, the thermal mounting system with a diameter of 360mm mirror mounting roller, and equipped with electromagnetic heating device, heating performance than the traditional oil heating device twice, can achieve high-speed startup and heating, while saving a lot of power.

The bottom sheet is manually fed into the machine and the second operator applies the top sheet after sizing. Alignment is achieved by using an adjustable side layer, which is then fed into the roller to obtain a high quality surface. The structure of the machine allows future upgrades using existing high-quality precision glue units. The setting is very fast, according to the size of the material, two bottom plates can be run at the same time. The quality sheet to sheet lamination machines, we produced, have met high standard as Europe and exported to worldwide with competitive price. At the same time our products get good comments from buyers. At the same time we own advanced production technology and senior designers for OEM and ODM. Please contact with our representatives and inquiry for good price in bulk.

Technical Parameters of paper sheet laminating machine



Max.Paper Size


Min.Paper Size


Paper Thickness


Film Thickness

8~25 micron

Max. Speed



380V 50Hz

Total Power


Working Power


Lap Accuracy


Lamination Pressure


Hight of Feeder Pile


Hight of Stacker Pile


Dimension (L*W*H)


Packaging Size(Wooden Pallet)

(L*W*H) (40GP)

2200x2100x2200mm(Feeder part)

1600x2100x1900mm(Lamination Part)

1200x2100x1800mm(Slitting Part)

2200x2100x2100mm(Stacking Part)

Total Weight

6000 kg

Physical and detail drawings of paper sheet laminating machine

Features of paper sheet laminating machine

Automation and high speed are the main features of our ZWFM-1100 paper sheet laminating machine. The laminating machine adopts pneumatic high-speed paper feeding, the speed can reach 100m/min. The stacking system can realize continuous feeding, which not only saves labor cost, but also improves work efficiency.

We are a professional laminator manufacturer with rich technical experience. If you need a paper sheet laminating machine, this will be your best and most professional choice.

Safety protection system is our top priority. We adopt automatic stop protection system, and equipped with photoelectric control automatic stop protection device, which can prevent paper shortage, paper breaking, paper folding.

Wrinkle resistant bending design. In order to achieve the ideal coating effect and prevent bending, we use the special designed for the thin paper flat bending mechanism and corrugated feeding mechanism, which can prevent the paper from warping.

The hydraulic system is uniquely designed to be accurate and stable. The hydraulic system automatically provides stable high pressure to ensure coverage quality.

ZWFM-1100 paper sheet laminating machine adopts man-machine interface system, color touch screen, easy to operate. The operator directly inputs the size, distance and speed of the paper stack to realize the automatic operation of the whole machine.

FAQ about paper sheet laminating machine

1. Why do you choose our paper sheet laminating machine?

All machines have passed ISO9001 and CE certification, and have a chain knife, heating roller, powder cleaning and other patents.

We have a reasonably clear procurement process. After all the machines are tested and confirmed to be normal, we will use moisture-proof and shock-proof packing, suitable for long-distance road transportation and all kinds of weather conditions, so that your goods can be taken to hand completely.

Excellent after-sales service. We offer a one-year warranty. During this period, if there is any quality problem, we will provide replacement parts free of charge. Our professional after-sales service team will provide you with lifelong technical support. If you need it, our engineers will come to your factory for technical support. Visa, round trip air ticket, salary $80 / day, accommodation provided after final confirmation. Of course, all of our machines will be pre-debugged before the products go out of the factory to ensure that they can be shipped normally.

2. What is a laminating machine? What are its ingredients?

Laminating machine for laminating books, posters, color box packaging, handbags and other printed matter surface.

Laminating machine equipment composition: automatic paper feeder + dedusting device + host + oil applicator + drying channel + automatic cutting + automatic paper receiving.

The equipment has automatic paper feeding, two-stage powder removal, automatic edge lining system, automatic cutting, magnetic powder tension control and electromechanical integration control; Unique pneumatic film drawing, hot air automatic thermostatic control, high efficiency, safety, energy saving, by the majority of users recognized.

ZWFM-1100 paper sheet laminating machine is multi-functional design, high cost performance.

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