Wholesale Price Pet Laminating Machine From China Factory

Model No: QLFM-1100C
Max.Paper Size: 1000X1050mm
Min.Paper Size: 285X350mm
Dimension (L*W*H): 10200×2200×2600mm

Description of PET laminating machine

QLFM-1100C PET laminating machine(Hot knife slitting) is our company's latest design. This machine is equipped with a high-precision hot knife slitting system, using the latest technology hot knife slitting system in the industry, can quickly and perfectly cut all kinds of films such as PET, PVC, BOPP, aluminized film, etc. without tail film. Equipped with disc cutter, supplemented by pneumatic breaking device, servo control, fast cutting speed.This PET laminating machine is widely used in the packaging of teaching materials, books, periodicals, albums, manuals, flip charts, maps and audio-visual products, and handbags. 

Polyester, also known as (PET), is a thermoplastic film, usually used for double-sided lamination, making it a more widely used material in the printing industry. In essence, it's the least brittle film that can be used to make a reliable laminate finish. It can run anywhere from 1.2, 1.7, 3, 5, and 10 mils. The quality PET laminating machines we produced, have met high standard as Europe and exported to worldwide with competitive price. At the same time our products get good comments from buyers. At the same time we own advanced production technology and senior designers for OEM and ODM. Please contact with our representatives and inquiry for good price in bulk.

Technical Parameters of PET laminating machine



Max.Paper Size


Min.Paper Size


Paper Thickness


Film Thickness

8~35 micron

Max. Speed




Total Power


Working Power


Lap Accuracy


Lamination Pressure


Coating Glue Amount


Hight of Feeder Pile


Hight of Stacker Pile


Dimension (L*W*H)


Total Weight

9500 kg

Physical objects and detailed drawings

Glue Coating Part

Adopt high accuracy glue coating regulator, can control a erasing knife to adjust coating thickness easily and accurately, save much glue consumption. Mirror coating roller ensure the glue is even.

Air shaft with dividing ruler, can adjust the position of film roll accurately, easy to load film. The tension of film is adjusted accurately by the tension controller.

Equipped with 10 inch color touch screen, easy and convenient to operate. The operator can view the machine's working status at any time from the touch screen.

Slitting Part

The automatic thermal lamination machine slitting part adopts the latest technology hot knife cutting system in the industry, which can quickly and perfectly cut all kinds of films such as PET, PVC, BOPP, aluminized film and so on without tail film. It’s controlled by servo, synchronized with lamination main unit.

The slitting machine is equipped with a thin-paper anti-curvature flattening structure.

Disc knife assist slitting, coordinate with pneumatic pull and separating system, can slit BOPP and OPP film without hot knife.

FAQ about PET laminating machine

1.What are the common faults of the PET laminating machine?

2.Why choose our PET laminating machine?

1.What are the common faults of the PET laminating machine?

The automatic laminator machine does not start: the input wire is blocked, the power cord is reversed, and the voltage is not enough.

Inaccurate temperature measurement: thermocouple, temperature controller. Whether it is installed incorrectly and damaged.

The film is not in place: the source vacuum is not enough, air leakage, temperature is not enough, the film is too thin, the workpiece is pasted with other materials, the concave depth of the workpiece exceeds the film lift, the suction time is too short, the film is not lifted, the workpiece distance is too near.

The working degree of vacuum is not up: the gas path is not open, the hand valve or the solenoid valve is not closed, the vacuum pump motor belt is loose, and the vacuum gauge is damaged.

The main power switch trips: leakage of input wires on the top of the heating box, leakage of the distribution box, external wires on the equipment, leakage of the motor, etc.

The surface of the overlaid workpiece has folds and is not smooth or the corners cannot be wrapped: the film is not straightened, the quality of the film is not good, the workpiece is not polished well, too much glue is known, and the mold below the workpiece is too low.

Breaking phenomenon: the temperature is too high, the heating time is too long, the film quality is not good, and there is no heating.

When the automatic laminating machine does not reach the suction, the film is pulled down: whether the solenoid valve or hand valve is open.

2.Why choose our PET laminating machine?

All the machines have passed the ISO9001 and CE certification, and have many patents such as chain knife, heating roller, powder cleaning and so on.

We have a reasonable and clear purchasing process. After all the machines have been commissioned and confirmed to be normal, we will use moisture-proof and shock-proof packaging, suitable for long-distance road transportation and various weather conditions, so that your goods can reach your hands completely, and our laminating machine price is cheep.

Regarding after-sales, we will provide a one-year warranty period, during this period, if there are any quality problems, we will provide free replacement parts. Our professional after-sales service team will provide you with lifetime technical support. If you need it, our engineers will come to your factory for technical support.

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