Wholesale High End Automatic Jumbo Roll Paper Laminating Machine Supplier Pricing

Max.Paper Width: 1050mm
Max.Rewinding Diameter: 1300mm
Max.Unwinding Diameter: 1300mm
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

There are so many advantages about the jumbo roll paper laminator we made, list below, Equipped with PLC and 7-inch touch screen. All parameters are displayed on the monitor. The 7-inch screen provides clarity and better visual effects. Just set the roller diameter and thickness, PLC automatically gives the appropriate parameters. It is equipped with two frequency conversion motors with bar code, one for feeding and the other for tension control. Equipped with two sets of inverter control motor. One for feeding and the other for tension control. Equipped with ultrasonic simulation EPC network guide. Three sets of automatic tension control system are built-in PLC, easy to operate. All drive rolls are balanced dynamically / statically.

Automatic Jumbo Roll Paper Laminating Machine

Description of Automatic Jumbo Roll Paper Laminating Machine

JTFM-1100 automatic jumbo roll paper laminating machine is the latest fully automatic vertical laminating machine designed by us according to industry demand. Used for roll-to-roll lamination of water-based adhesives, oil-based adhesives and pre-coated thermal films. Highly automated and user-friendly design are the biggest features of this high speed laminating machine. For the laminating processing of greeting cards, certificates, documents, book covers, packaging boxes and other products, this JTFM-1100 automatic roll paper laminator is the best choice for users. The excellent performance of this type of equipment meets users' high-efficiency production requirements and solves various complex lamination process problems.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Laminating Machine



Max.Paper Width


Max.Unwinding Diameter


Max.Rewinding Diameter


Recommended Paper Thickness


Recommended Film Thickness

8~35 micron

Max. Laminating Speed



380V 50HZ

Total Power


Working Power


Regular Lamination Pressure


Regular Coating Glue Amount


Dimension (L*W*H)


Total Weight

8500 KG

Main Parts

Touch screen

ChineseTaiwan Weinview


Japan Omron


China Kewo

AC contactor

France Schneider

Intermediate relay

France Schneider

Push button switch

China Yijia

Small broken fuser

China Chint

Programming controller

Chinese Taiwan Delta

Motor 5.5KW

China Dongfang

CCD edge/line vision sensor

China Arise

Edge/line correction controller

China Arise

This JTFM-1100 automatic laminating machine uses accessories of internationally renowned brands, so that our automatic laminating machine is more secure in terms of stability and safety. All machines have passed ISO9001 and CE certification,have as many patents such as chain knife, heating roller, powder cleaning and so on. You can rest assured of the quality of the machine, we provide a one-year warranty. During this period, if there is any quality problem, we will provide replacement parts for free. Our professional after-sales service team will provide you with lifetime technical support.

Features of Automatic Laminating Machine

①The unwinding part adopts shaftless clamping, hydraulic lifting mode, equipped with CCD vision sensor and correction controller to ensure that the paper is tidy during winding and unwinding. AC vector frequency conversion control, through the winding system, the paper roll is driven by dual hydraulic cylinders with torque adjustment system. The mirror pressure roller ensures that the paper roll is wound tightly. The maximum unwinding diameter can reach 1300mm.

②The automatic laminating machine is equipped with a man-machine interface system, a color touch screen, and the operation is simple and convenient. Direct input of the paper size to be processed, stacking distance, machine speed, etc., can realize the automation of the whole machine operation. The operator can check the working status of the machine at any time through the touch screen.

③The heavy duty laminating machine adopts an automatic paper feeding system and is equipped with a photoelectric control automatic paper break protection device to prevent paper shortage and paper break.

④Automatic air pressure system can provide stable lamination pressure. The size of the pressure can be adjusted accordingly. Automatically provide stable and large pressure to ensure high-quality coating.

⑤Automatic high-speed decoiler: adopts shaftless clamping, hydraulic lifting structure, automatic/manual tension control.

⑥ Pneumatic shaft tension control system: the pneumatic shaft is adopted, the film is installed, the paper is convenient to roll, and the scale of the pneumatic shaft is accurately positioned. At the same time, the intelligent tension system is easy to control the tension of the film and paper and improve the lamination performance.

Paper Laminating Machine

FAQ about Automatic Laminating Machine

How to maintain the film laminating machine?

1. Always check the oil pipe, valve and cylinder plug of the hydraulic system for oil leakage. When it is found that there is oil leakage, the sealing ring should be replaced in time. The hydraulic oil should be filled into the hydraulic cylinder in time.

2. Always check the rubber roller for grease and dirt on the rubber roller, and scrub the glue and dust on the roller in time. Make sure that the surfaces of the two rolls are clean. The surface of each roller must be kept clean. Always clean the machine immediately after using the machine. Use a glue thinner (alcohol or xylene) to wash and wipe the rollers with a soft towel. Do not use a sharpener to scrape the surface of the roller. Every time before you turn on the machine, you should clean the surface of each roller. Also check whether the surface of each roller of the machine is clean, whether the machine is faulty or abnormal, and should be analyzed in time to find out the cause and clear it. After the standby device is normal, the machine can continue to be used.

3. The grounding of the laminating machine and the insulation of the electrical appliance should be guaranteed.

4. The blade line of the scraping blade should be flat and elastic. When there are bucks, teeth, curls, etc., it should be repaired and replaced in time. Using a 0.15~0.20 mm manganese steel or offset press blade according to the original specifications to replace it.

5. It is necessary to regularly lubricate the transmission parts and sliding surfaces of the machine to ensure that the machine is in a good lubrication state. In particular, the large bearing of the pressure roller has a large pressure and high temperature, and the lubricating oil is volatilized and lost. The high temperature oil should be lubricated timely, so that it can be normally working under high temperature and high pressure.

6. Conduct a comprehensive inspection on the machine every year, and find problems in time to solve the problem, so as to avoid more serious damage to the machine.

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