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Automatic laminating machine is an instrument that applies adhesive to plastic film, and then presses the film together with some printed media of paper through rubber rollers and heating rollers. So what is the difference between it and the traditional laminating equipment? Let's talk about its features to separate the difference with the traditional laminating machine.

First of all, the automatic laminating machine is the use of digital display automatic control technology, the operation is more concise compared to the laminating machine, a higher degree of automation. And the use of common far-infrared constant temperature heating system, not only can save energy, save time and electricity, more importantly, heating more uniform, can better reduce the product deformation and wrinkles.

Automatic laminating machine table is the use of frame steel frame structure, can effectively improve the vacuum degree, the service life is longer. And as an exchange type workbench, it can carry out a box of multiple pieces of lamination, to complete the function of a machine multi-purpose. And the key parts of the electronic control system relative to the laminating machine is equipped with high temperature and high insulation materials, more stable and reliable operation, reducing the probability of accidents.