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Regarding the automatic laminating machine series products, I believe that there are still many people who do not know it very well, and do not know what advantages the automatic laminating machine has over the traditional manual

  1. The main design of the whole machine is that it occupies a small space, saves materials, and the main unit integrates gluing, drying and lamination, which is convenient for operation.

2. Secondly, the main unit integrates gluing, drying and lamination, which is easy to operate. Moreover, the drying system is more stable than the bridge drying tunnel design, and the film runs more stably and will not shift left and right.

  3. The third point is that the main composite roller adopts large diameter steel roller, oil heating system, and the surface temperature of the hot pressing roller is uniform and stable.

The so-called laminating machine is actually a special equipment used for paper, board and other industries, and it is processed by internal technology to make it complete a paper-plastic product.

With the improvement of production technology and science and technology at that time, the current laminating machine has completed more functions. Here we can talk about the pre-coating laminating machine. The internal structure of this type of machine mainly includes glue and dry parts. The unique structure makes it form many characteristics. Smaller volume and flexible operation functions are its exclusive features.

The pre-coating laminating machine can perform lamination processing of large batches of printed matters, and is suitable for lamination processing of small batches and scattered printed matters such as automated desktop work systems. The development prospect of the product is very broad. It is believed that with the promotion of future technology, the market for the laminator industry will continue to grow stronger.