Source Premium Grade Manual Window Paper Film Laminating Machine Reasonable Price

Max. Width: 1000x950mm
Max. speed: 50m/min
Supply Ability: 50 set/month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Technical Parameters of window paper laminating machine

Water-based laminating machine



Max. Width



Max. speed






Motor Power






Overall dimensions



Wood box dimensions



Main parts:

Push button


Ac contactor






There are two different models of this window paper laminating machine, the specific data can refer to the above table. Manual window paper film laminating machine uses high-quality materials and accessories, please rest assured to buy. The use of accessories from internationally renowned brands makes our laminators safer in terms of stability and safety.

manual window paper film laminating machine

Description of manual window paper film laminating machine

CSFM-1000/1200 manual window paper film laminating machine are specially designed for window paper water based laminating machine, using water-soluble environmentally friendly liquid glue, using BOPP film as the material, after the paper is coated with the film, the transparency is high, can dissolve the printing surface powdering, does not appear the snowflake spot, causes the paper product surface to be bright , Beautiful, with anti-wetting, anti-fouling function. Both window paper and normal complete paper are used in 1 machine.

The window complaint paper sheet laminating machine is equipped with DC motor with dimmer. The motor is 2.0 HP. All electronic components are of famous brand. Spare parts roller, its width is (all sizes), ”31/2” and 4” platens are (all sizes) and thickness is 14mm. It is used for laminating paper, such as double-sided printing paper, book cover paper, and window lamination on paper. This machine uses (aluminum) metal free roller, which is a heavy duty machine with heavy clutch. The rubber roller is of German quality. All iron parts are air dried and will not be twisted. Provide you with all shafts and supports and all accessories. Meanwhile, we own advanced production technology and senior designers for OEM and ODM. Please contact with our representatives and inquiry for wholesale price in bulk.

Detail drawings of window paper laminating machine

Purchase related issues

Seller provides a 12-month warranty period. During the period of quality warranty, we supply the spare parts in free for replacement, in case of quality problem. After the period, seller shall still provide technical support to buyer.
Adopts moisture-proof and shock-proof standard exporting packaging which is suitable for long-distance road transportation and various types of weather conditions.
Seller shall deliver equipment at its factory and may arrange transportation for Buyer but freight shall be for Buyer’s account upon final confirmation.
Regularly 30% deposit by T/T in advance, balance by T/T before delivery.
Seller can arrange operation training in Seller’s factory; or that if Buyer requires seller to send technicians to Buyer’s factory for installation and training, Buyer shall pay visa applying cost, round air tickets, food, accommodation and daily salary $80/day upon final confirmation.

FAQ about window paper laminating machine

What is the role of laminating?

Laminating is an important method to protect prints and make prints beautiful. The application of this method greatly enhances the brightness of the prints, so that the printed matter can achieve the anti-dirt, waterproof, anti-discoloration and heat-resistant, light-resistant and wear-resistant process effects, which not only improves the beauty of the product, but also enhances the product. Service life, therefore, it is very important to ensure the quality of the coating process.

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