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In the past 20 years, the global silicone rubber products to more than 15% per year rapid development, silicone rubber as a medical material after decades of clinical application, has been recognized by the medical community, the application is more and more extensive, many large companies to medical silicone rubber as the main goal of development, medical silicone rubber has made great progress.

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   Silicone rubber has excellent physiological inertness and biocompatibility, long-term contact with body fluids, tissues and blood without toxic reactions, no carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, will not cause tissue inflammatory reactions, non-adhesive with surrounding tissues, to meet the basic requirements of medical polymer materials, but also has heat resistance, cold resistance, non-toxic, biological aging resistance, better physical and mechanical properties, etc., become a typical medical polymer materials, widely used In the field of medical health, biomedical engineering. Among the many medical polymer materials at present, silicone rubber occupies a dominant position in both quantity and variety. 


   Medical catheter is the fastest growing and most widely used product in medical silicone rubber products. According to the use can be divided into in vivo and in vitro, in vitro is mainly all kinds of pump tube, such as artificial heart and lung machine pump tube, and various devices connected to the tube, infusion tube, etc.; for in vivo is all kinds of cannula, catheter, drainage tube. The current development trend of medical catheters for human body is miniaturization, thin-walled, multi-lumen and multi-functionalization of a tube. Especially for the catheters left in the body, whether for long-term or short-term use, the advantages of silicone rubber material and catheters are incomparable to other materials.

   ◆ Cranio-cerebral surgery products

   The silicone rubber products used in craniocerebral surgery mainly include: artificial skull, silicone titanium composite repair material, hydrocephalus division six device, ventricular drainage tube, artificial meninges, and the artificial meninges made of silicone rubber and nylon fabric developed in China can be used to repair traumatic dural defects, repair dural or dural defects caused by the removal of tumors on the dura mater or infiltration area.

   ◆ Pentacosmetics

   The silicone rubber products used in the five organs include: artificial nose, artificial chin, mandible, artificial ear, artificial larynx, otitis media ventilator, lacrimal passage device, lacrimal plugs, nostril stent, snore stopper, nasal haemostasis airbag, artificial ventilator wave line tube, tracheotomy cannula, etc. At present, silicone rubber has been widely used in cosmetic and prosthetic surgery, and can be used for repairing various parts of the face and internal organs, chest, joints, etc.

   ◆ Cardiac surgery products

   The silicone rubber products used in cardiac surgery mainly include extracorporeal circulation machine pump tubes, chest drainage tubes, artificial lung silicone membranes, artificial heart ball mitral valves, etc.

   Digestive system products

   Silicone rubber gastric tube, duodenal tube, double-lumen intestinal cannula, nutrition tube, gastric decompression tube, gastrostomy tube, gastric lavage tube, enema, etc. In the past, these products mainly used polyvinyl chloride material, but with the reduction of production cost of silicone rubber and the more desirable softness and elasticity of silicone rubber products, they have begun to replace a large number of polyvinyl chloride products in China.

   ◆ Abdominal surgery and reproductive system products

   Silicone rubber products used in abdominal surgery mainly include: peritoneal dialysis tube, abdominal drainage tube, T-tube, Y-tube, TY-tube, capillary drainage tube, porous drainage tube, negative pressure drainage device, anti-adhesive film, etc.; in the reproductive system, there are many kinds of applications, including various catheters, fistula tubes, penile prosthesis, artificial testicles, fetal suction device, uterine hot ball therapeutic device, silicone rubber birth control device, subcutaneous implant contraceptive The device is used for the following purposes

   ◆ Drug slow release system

   Prolonging the continuity of drug efficacy and improving the specificity and safety of drug action is an important issue in pharmacy research, and silicone rubber has good permeability and permeability, making it an ideal material for drug slow release. Silicone rubber in the drug slow release system as a carrier application products are: 1) silicone rubber can be made into capsules, through the capsule wall can be a variety of drugs such as steroids, prostaglandins, antibiotics, sedatives, sleeping pills, anti-cancer drugs, anesthetics, etc. slowly diffuse into the body; 2) silicone rubber in the long-acting contraceptives applications, after years of clinical trials show that subcutaneous implants are more ideal for long-acting Contraceptives, this embedding agent is mainly silicone rubber as the carrier of steroid drugs, now subcutaneous embedding agent products are mainly: foreign developed Norplant (six root type), Jadena (two root type), the domestic development of long-acting subcutaneous embedding agent Sino-Implant (two root type), etc., and some single root type products; 3) silicone rubber can be used as a drug release matrix matrix type drug slow-release preparations, such as hormone hormone preparations to promote growth; 4) silicone rubber can be used for skin absorption type preparations, such as TTS products as coronary heart disease prevention drug nitroglycerin; 5) silicone rubber in drug release vaginal ring and intrauterine device applications; 6) silicone rubber contact lenses for drug slow release; 7) positioning control release, slow release therapeutic role of the stent coating layer, silicone rubber has good elasticity, tear resistance and biocompatibility, can be used as medical stent coating film.

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   ◆ Other application products

   In addition to the above applications, medical silicone rubber can also be used as skin expander, artificial breast, artificial joint, artificial skin, baby pacifier and so on. Silicone rubber is also widely used in the field of biomedical engineering, and its products include medical electrodes and biological implant sensors. For example, the silicone rubber electrodes currently developed in China replace the traditional copper, lead plates and ordinary rubber electrodes on electronic instruments, and their performance is more stable.

   With the development of biomedical engineering, tissue engineering, the technology and performance requirements of the material is increasing, as far as silicone rubber is concerned, how to make it fully applied to biological engineering and tissue engineering is the main direction of future research work. Such as biosensors is the introduction of attention to a biotechnology today, the miniaturization of biosensors, and the adaptability of living organisms, etc., will become an important research topic related to artificial organs, as the main material of artificial organs silicone rubber, the future development potential is huge.

   At present, China's medical silicone rubber to speed up the pace of development in the future, the first should establish medical silicone materials industrial production base; focus on breakthroughs in the implantation of human medical silicone materials and devices performance, quality evaluation technology; expand the application areas of silicone rubber; promote the formation of China's medical silicone rubber materials series, high-grade, scale, standardized business model.