SFM-1200 Manual Water-based Cold Glue Laminating Machine

Weight: 800kg
Motor Power: 1.5Kw
Max. Width: 1150mm
Max. Speed: 50m/min

Product Description:

SFM-1200 manual water-based cold glue laminating machine is a water-soluble laminating machine, using water-soluble environmentally friendly glue, printing is environmentally friendly and beautiful. The paper coating film has good adhesion, high transparency, and can dissolve the powder spray on the surface of the sprayed object. Our SFM-1200 manual water-based cold glue laminator is of high quality, there are no snow spots on the finished product, and the surface of the paper is bright and beautiful, with moisture-proof and anti-fouling functions.

Technical Specifications:

Property Data
Filming machine SFM-1200
Max. Width 1150mm
Max. speed 50m/min
Voltage 220V50Hz
Motor Power 1.5Kw
Weight 800kg
Overall dimensions 2400x1800x1500
Wood box dimensions 2500x1900x1600

Regular Issues:

What is overlaying measure? 

The overlay cycle is the surface treatment measure in the wake of printing, otherwise called post-printing cover, post-printing cover or post-printing overlay. In particular, it alludes to the utilization of a laminator to frame a straightforward plastic film layer with a thickness of 0.012 to 0.020 mm on the outside of the printed issue to shape a paper-plastic coordinated item preparing innovation. 

Laminator is a gadget used to finish the covering cycle. As a rule, it tends to be partitioned into quick film development and pre-shooting as per the cycle, and can be separated into two sorts of splendid film and stupid film as indicated by various film materials. 

We are an expert overlaying machine maker with rich experience and specialized establishment. 

What are the basic shortcomings of the manual cold glue water based laminating machine

1. The programmed overlaying machine can't be begun: the info line is obstructed, the electrical cable is associated contrarily, and the voltage is inadequate. 

2. Temperature estimation blunder: thermocouple, temperature regulator. Regardless of whether the establishment isn't right or harmed. 

3. The vacuum isn't reached: the air way isn't opened, the hand valve or solenoid valve isn't shut, the vacuum siphon engine belt is free, and the vacuum measure is harmed. 

4. The outside of the secured workpiece is collapsed, not smooth or can not be wrapped edge: the paint film isn't level, the nature of the paint film isn't acceptable, the workpiece isn't cleaned, it is realized that there is an excessive amount of paste, and the form under the workpiece is excessively low. 

5. Film not set up: deficient source vacuum, air spillage, inadequate temperature, film is excessively meager, the workpiece is stuck by different materials, the profundity of the workpiece is more noteworthy than the lift of the film, the attractions time is excessively short, the film isn't lifted, and the workpiece is excessively close . 

6. The primary force switch trips: the information line on the head of the warming box is releasing, the circulation box is releasing, the outside line on the hardware is spilling, and the engine is spilling.

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