SF-720 Glueless Bopp Thermal Film Laminating Machine Service

Max. Paper Size: 680x900mm
Max. Speed: 40m/min
Voltage: 380V
Paper Thickness: 100-500g

Product Description

SF-720 glueless bopp thermal film laminating machine is a pre-coated, non-film dual-purpose machine, novel design, can meet diversified production needs. The user only needs to input the paper size to be processed on the text screen to realize the two processes of lamination and cutting. Our hot film high speed laminating machine is a new type of equipment with advanced technology, specially designed for pre-coating without film. Our hot film laminator has the characteristics of high speed and semi-automation.

Technical Specifications

Property Data
Model SF-720
Max. Paper size 680x900mm
Max. speed 40m/min
Voltage 380V
Paper thickness 100-500g
Motor Power 3.7Kw
Weight 1700kg
Overall dimensions 4600*1560*1500mm

Main Parts

Part Supplier
Inverter China Inovance
PLC China Inovance
Encoder Japan Omron
Low Voltage Electrical Appliance China Chint
Motor China Xinyangda

The main parts of the SF-720 glueless bopp thermal film laminating machine are selected from international famous brands. The electrical system is controlled centrally by programmable logic controller (PLC), which can be operated by one person. It is convenient, reasonable and in line with the usage. Compact structure, high degree of automation.


1. Feeding unit

The pneumatic front row can be used to precisely control the number of turns. The pressure gauge helps to control the pressure. The man-machine interface control panel is easy to operate.

2. Laminating unit

The 320 diameter chrome roller is equipped with a built-in oil heating system, so the temperature is more uniform and stable. The air shaft is convenient for loading and unloading the film, the positioning is accurate, and the film tightness can be adjusted according to the needs.

3. Cutting unit

The use of pneumatic separation rollers equipped with infrared sensors can ensure that the machine runs well. The corrugated paper anti-bending device is specially designed for thin paper, which makes the conveying more aligned and stable.

The spring-loaded perforating knife can help the pneumatic separation device to cut the paper without wasting the film. The guide wheel ensures stable conveying.

4. Electronic system

The mainstream electronic appliances in the market are used to ensure stable performance and easy maintenance.


1. The stepless speed change of the frequency converter can make the machine change the running speed immediately and ensure stable operation.

2. The integrated structure design makes the thermal film laminating machine run more smoothly and has a longer service life.

3. The manual paper feeding table is equipped with a magnetic paper feeding baffle to make the paper output more neatly.

4. High-precision hard chrome-plated mirror heating roller, built-in thermal oil heating, excellent constant temperature performance;

5. The hydraulic system provides stable and large pressure. Press the button to automatically increase and decrease the pressure.

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