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Model: LMFQ-1000
Motor Power: 1.5kw
Overall dimensions: 2500x1550x1200
Wood Box Dimension: 2600x1700x1250
Description of sheet separating machine

LMFQ-1000 sheet separating machine is a companion product of water-soluble laminating machine. It is suitable for the automatic slitting of various sheet-fed laminated papers. It is equipped with an automatic paper take-up machine. The machine has a compact structure, fast cutting speed, high efficiency, simple and reliable operation, and stable operation. It is a good auxiliary equipment for improving the efficiency of laminating.

LMFQ-1000 sheet separating machine

Technical Parameters of sheet separating machine



Max.Paper Size


Max. speed




Motor Power




Overall dimensions


Wood Box Dimension


FAQ about sheet separating machine

1. What is the automatic laminating machine?

Automatic laminating machine for the surface of printed matter, such as books, posters, color box packaging, handbags, etc. In response to the increasing awareness of global environmental protection, oil-based mulching will be gradually replaced by water-based mulching.

The main configuration of automatic laminating machine: automatic paper feeder + dedusting device + main machine + coating oil head + drying path + automatic cutting + automatic paper receiving. The equipment has automatic paper feeding, two-stage dedusting, automatic lap system, automatic cutting, magnetic powder tension control, electromechanical integration control of the whole machine; Unique pneumatic tension film, hot air automatic constant temperature control, high efficiency, safety, energy saving, by the majority of users.

2. What is the laminating process of the automatic laminating machine?

The main problems affecting the film coating process: affecting the health of operators, there are fire hazards; Coated paper and film materials are difficult to recover, waste of resources. Laminating process is a kind of surface processing technology after printing, also known as post-press plastic, post-press laminating or post-press film, refers to the use of laminating machine on the surface of printing products covered with a layer of 0.012 ~ 0.020 mm thick transparent plastic film and form a paper-plastic integration of product processing technology. Laminating machine is used to complete the laminating process equipment, in general, according to the use of the process can be divided into the coating film, pre-coated film two, according to the different film materials are divided into bright light film, matte film two.

Automatic sheet separating machine

The laminate sorter and laminated sheet separators we manufactured is of the highest quality and has been developed using the latest technology. We strive to constantly improve and improve our ability to process our product line. It is also suitable for the automatic slitting of various sheet-fed laminated papers. The high standard laminated sheet separator and lamination machines, we produced, has met high standard as Europe and exported to worldwide with competitive price. At the same time our laminating machine for paper products get good comments from buyers. Meanwhile, we own advanced production technology and senior designers for OEM and ODM. Please contact with our representatives and inquiry for wholesale price in bulk.

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