Quality Paper Roll Laminating Machine In Bulk

Model: JTFM-1300
Lamination Pressure: 5~15KW
Coating Glue Amount: 3~8
Voltage: 380V
Description of paper roll laminating machine

JTFM-1300 paper roll laminating machine has the characteristics of high speed and automation. We use an operable touch screen and a man-machine interface system, a 10-inch color man-machine interactive touch screen, which is easy to operate and convenient to view. The paper roll laminating machine adopts the latest technology, which is the latest design that our company is proud of. The laminating machine adopts shaftless clamping and hydraulic lifting method. The tension is manually/automatically controlled by the air brake. The maximum unwinding diameter is 1300mm.This JTFM-1300 paper roll laminating machine can be widely used in books, teaching materials, periodicals, picture albums, etc.

Technical Parameters of paper roll laminating machine



   Max. Paper Width


   Max. Unwinding Diameter


   Max. Rewinding Diameter


   Paper Thickness


   Film Thickness


   Max. Speed




   Total Power


   Working Power


   Lamination Pressure


   Coating Glue Amount




   Total Weight


Detail drawings of paper roll laminating machine:

Glue Coating Part

Adopt high accuracy glue coating regulator, can control a erasing knife to adjust coating thickness easily and accurately, save much glue consumption. Mirror coating roller ensure the glue is even. With automatic glue filling and cycling function.

Air shaft with dividing ruler, can adjust the position of film roll accurately, easy to load film. The tension of film is adjusted accurately by the tension controller.

Equipped with 10 inch color touch screen, easy and convenient to operate. The operator can view the machine's working status at any time from the touch screen.

Rewinding Part

AC vector frequency conversion control, matched with unwinding system, the paper roll lift is driven by double hydro-cylinder with torque adjustment system.  Max. Unwinding diameter up to 1300mm. Mirror pressing roller here ensures paper is rewound tightly.

paper roll laminating machine

Features of paper roll laminating machine

Highly automated, automatic shutdown protection system and automatic hydraulic system. The system automatically shuts down when there is a break, paper shortage, or paper overlap to protect the machine. The hydraulic system automatically provides stable large pressure to ensure the quality of the overlay.

Heating and drying system: The heating speed is more than twice that of the traditional heating device, and high-speed starting and heating can be achieved within 5 to 10 minutes. The 800mm diameter large heating roller is equipped with an electromagnetic heating device and cooperates with the oven thermal circulation system. At the same time, the heat recycling can save a lot of energy consumption. Environmental protection and high efficiency.

Inflatable shaft and tension control system: the inflatable shaft is used to easily load the film, and the film is accurately positioned through the scale of the inflatable shaft. At the same time, the intelligent tension adjustment system is easy to control the tension of the film and improve the lamination effect.

High-precision deviation correction system: equipped with CCD vision sensor and deviation correction controller, photoelectric tracking/following edge or following line/travel ±75mm, the tension is controlled by the system independently.

Why choose our JTFM-1300 paper roll laminating machine?

Perfect after-sales service, providing one year warranty. During this period, if there is any quality problem, we will provide free replacement parts. Our professional after-sales service team will provide you with lifetime technical support.

The clear and reasonable purchase process saves you a lot of trouble. Delivery time is within 30 days after deposit. In the transportation process, we use moisture-proof and shock-proof packaging, suitable for long-distance road transportation and various weather conditions, so that our laminating machine for paper is safely delivered to customers.

Our JTFM-1300 paper roll laminating machine has good printing quality and excellent finished product effect.

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