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Model: QLFM-1100B
Lamination Pressure: 5~15Mpa
Coating Glue Amount: 3~8g/m^2
Lap Accuracy: ±2mm

Description of laminating machine industrial

QLFM-1100B laminating machine industrial is a high quality, easy to operate, energy saving and environmental protection laminating machine.This laminating machine industrial will provide a favorable tool for those in the industry to improve the quality of printed materials, reduce costs, and create high profits. Laminating machine industrial is an ideal model for printing plants to eliminate the traditional high-energy, heavily polluted paper-plastic composite equipment after printing. In order to meet the customer's requirements for the laminating process, we combine the latest laminating technology and the automatic laminating equipment introduced after years of research and development and experiments by the team. QLFM-1100B laminating machine industrial can be widely used in the packaging of teaching materials, books, periodicals, albums, manuals, wall charts, maps and audio-visual products, handbags, and boutique boxes.

Technical Parameters of laminating machine industrial



Max.Paper Size


Min.Paper Size


Paper Thickness


Film Thickness

8~25 micron

Max. Speed



380V 50Hz

Total Power


Working Power


Lap Accuracy


Lamination Pressure


Coating Glue Amount


Hight of Feeder Pile


Hight of Stacker Pile


Dimension (L*W*H)


Packaging Size(Wooden Pallet)

(L*W*H) (40HQ)

1850x2100x2200mm(Feeder part)

2360x2200x2550mm(Lamination Part)

2200x2100x1850mm(Slitting Part)

2200x2040x2200mm(Stacking Part)

1900x1500x1600mm(Powder Removing Part) (Optional)

Total Weight

9500 kg

Physical and detail drawings

Feeder Part of laminating machine industrial

Adopt high speed offset feeder and chain drive non-stop pre-stacking system, can feed sheets up to 100 m/min, smoothly without stop, obviously increase the efficience.

Delivery Platform of laminating machine industrial

Equipped with high accuracy front lay and pneumatic side lay regulator, accurate position, can deliver sheets in high speed without curvature.

Hot Powder Cleaning(Optional) of laminating machine industrial

Hot powder cleaning machine, especially for dark paper, improve the laminating performance.

Lamination Main Part of laminating machine industrial

Adopt 800mm diameter big mirror heating roller, equipped with electromagnetic heating system, high heating speed and performance, at the same time the heat cycle system and hot air cycle system can save much energy.

400mm diameter mirror laminating roller, also equipped with electromagnetic heating system, cooperate with 300mm big rubber roller to insure laminating performance.

Electrical appliance is centralized by programmable system, with double eletromagnetic heating system drive.

Features of laminating machine industrial

Automatic paper feeder: The precise design of the feeder feed head makes it possible to send thick and thin paper smoothly. It adopts a stepless speed change device and is equipped with automatic edge control to adapt to different paper feeds. Sophisticated wind head, it is very convenient to adjust the relative position of the wind head and the paper stack during operation. The special non-stop paper feed device, which is equipped with an auxiliary table, can replenish the paper while feeding it to ensure continuous production. The maximum paper speed can reach 100m/min.

The automatic paper take-up machine can shoot paper in three directions at high speed, which can realize single or multiple sheets of paper shooting at the same time, and the paper stacking is neat, which is convenient for transportation and subsequent processing; the received paper can be automatically counted through the infrared sensor.

The drying part adopts a large mirror drying roller with a diameter of 800mm, equipped with an electromagnetic heating device, supplemented by a drying tunnel thermal circulation system, which greatly reduces the heating time, improves the heating effect, and ensures the quality of the coating. At the same time, the thermal circulation system can save a lot of energy. Consumption, thereby controlling production costs while improving production efficiency.

FAQ about laminating machine industrial

1. What is a laminating machine? What are its components?

The laminating machine is for laminating the surface of printed products, such as books, posters, color box packaging, handbags, etc. In response to the increasing global awareness of environmental protection, oil-based lamination will be gradually replaced by water-based lamination.

Laminating machine equipment composition: automatic paper feeder + powder removal device + host + coating oil head + drying channel + automatic cutting + automatic paper collection.

The equipment has automatic paper feeding, two-stage powder removal, automatic edge-laying system, automatic slitting, magnetic powder tension control, and mechanical and electrical integration control; unique pneumatic film stretching, automatic constant temperature control of hot air blowing, high efficiency, safety, energy saving, Recognized by the majority of users.

QLFM-1100B laminating machine industrial This laminating machine is a multi-functional design, one machine is multi-purpose, and the cost performance is extremely high.

2. Why does the laminating machine foam?

The surface temperature of the composite roller is too high. The temperature of the composite roller should be reduced.

The printing ink layer is not dry. It should be hot pressed again and then glued; postpone the coating time and let it dry completely.

There are dust impurities on the surface of the film. It should be cleared in time.

The adhesive concentration is too high, the viscosity is large, and the coating is uneven. Use thinner to reduce adhesive concentration.

The film is wrinkled or slack, and the film is uneven or curled. The film should be replaced and the tension adjusted.

If the drying temperature is too high, the surface of the adhesive will peel. The drying temperature should be reduced

The adhesive coating is uneven and the dosage is small. The coating amount and uniformity should be improved.

The printing ink layer is too thick. Should increase the amount of adhesive coating, increase pressure and compound temperature.

The laminating machine industrial, or normally referred to as lamination machine (is also called a laminator), is a equipment for sealing documents or any other suitable articles on both sides of articles with a protective layer (usually made of plastic film). The high quality industrial laminating machines (Hot knife slitting) we produced, have met high standard as Europe and exported to worldwide with competitive price. In meantime, our company already gain good comments and fame around oversea market. At the same time we own advanced production technology and senior designers for OEM and ODM. Please contact with us and inquiry for low price in bulk.

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