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There are many different types of stainless steel, with different properties, and different manufacturing processes. The process of stainless steel is complex and requires high performance and technology. Stainless steel process performance and test methods are divided into the following categories:


First, the tensile test. Tensile test is mainly used to test the toughness of stainless steel materials, plasticity, through the detection of tensile test, to ensure the plasticity of stainless steel materials and molding properties.


Second, the bending test. Bending test is an effective way to detect the bending resistance of stainless steel and coverings. In the bending test, the stainless steel material defects can be found in time and timely repair. Bending test as one of the important inspection steps in the manufacture of stainless steel, to ensure that the bending resistance of stainless steel materials provide an important basis.


Third, the cup test. Cup test is an effective way to test the stamping performance of stainless steel materials. In some applications, the stamping of stainless steel materials have strict standards, such as machinery manufacturing, automotive plates, etc., in the process of mechanical forming if the stamping performance is not up to par, easily lead to cracking of stainless steel plates, seriously affecting product quality. Therefore, in the manufacture of stainless steel, the cupping test is indispensable.


Fourth, the impact test. Impact test is similar to the cup burst test, is an important step in testing the impact toughness of stainless steel metal materials. Impact test is the impact of external force through the equipment on the stainless steel material, in the process, the material itself has the toughness can be effectively released, the impact test has the characteristics of reliability and effectiveness.


Through the above four testing methods, it is sufficient to prove that the stainless steel products meet the requirements, to meet the needs of different applications.