Buy Automatic Waterbased Lamination Machine Low Price In Bulk

Model: SZFM-1200
Max.Paper Size: 1000X1150mm
Voltge : 380V 50Hz
Dimension (L*W*H): 4900×2000×2100 mm




Max.Paper Size


Min.Paper Size


Paper Thickness


Film Thickness

8~25 micron

Max. Speed



380V 50Hz

Total Power


Working Power


Lap Accuracy


Coating Glue Amount


Hight of Feeder Pile


Dimension (L*W*H)

4900×2000×2100 mm

Wood Box Dimension (L*W*H)

1.1820×2050×2200 mm(FEEDER)

2.2000×2050×1900 mm(LAMINATING PART)

Total Weight

2000 kg


SZFM-1200 Automatic Waterbased Cold Laminating Machine is designed for cold waterbased glue lamination, speed up to 100m/min, features high automation, high laminating speed, high accuracy, electrical appliance is centralized by programmable system, easy to operate.

The water based laminating machine, or generally referred to as lamination machine (is also called a laminator), is a device for sealing documents or any other suitable articles on both sides of articles with a protective layer (usually made of plastic film). Water-based adhesives contain water as their carrier which is subsequently dried after application (dry bond laminating). These products can be used in various film substrates as well as foil and paper. The good quality automatic water-based window lamination machine we produced, have met high standard as Europe and exported to worldwide with competitive price. At the same time our company already gain good comments and fame around oversea market. Meanwhile we own advanced production technology and senior designers for OEM and ODM. Please contact with us and inquiry for low price in bulk.

Feeder Part

Adopt high speed offset feeder and chain drive non-stop pre-stacking system, can feed sheets up to 100 m/min, smoothly without stop, obviously increase the efficience.

Delivery Platform

Equipped with high accuracy front lay and pneumatic side lay regulator, accurate position, anti-curvature device can deliver sheets in high speed without curvature.

Control Panel

Equipped with color touch screen, easy and convenient to operate. The operator can view the machine's working status at any time from the touch screen. Temperature controler ensures temperature stable and easy to adjust.

Lamination Main Part

Adopts Immerging coating system with rubber coating roller, can coat glue even and save much glue.

Rubber and high accuracy mirror laminating rollers ensure high laminating performance.

Heating Lamps

Equipped with heating lamps to ensure glue can work in cold weather.

Perforation Knife

Equipped with High accuracy Perforation Knife, assist for cutting process.

Electric Parts

Electrical appliance is centralized by programmable system

Rewinding Part

After lamination, the sheets are rewound to roll to dry the glue and prepare for cutting.

Main Part:


Chinese Taiwan Weinview

Touch Screen

Chinese Taiwan Weinview


China Kewo

Programming Controller

Chinese Taiwan Delta


Chinese Taiwan Delta

Ac Contactor

France Schneider


France Schneider

Push Button

France Schneider

Configuration & Functions

1. Automatic High Speed Feeder: Adopt high speed pneumatic offset feeder, speed up to 100m/min. Pre-stacking system can realize non-stop feeding, obviously improving work efficiency.

2. High Accuracy Lap Control: Servo-controlled lap within ±2mm, synchronizes with feeder, high accuracy front lay and pnuematic side lay regulator ensure accurate and stable position.

3. Automatic Shutdown Protection System: Equipped with photoelectrically controlled automatic shutdown protection devices, in case of paper shortage, paper broken and paper overlap.

4. Immerging Coating System: Adopts immerging coating method, can save glue consumption and easy to control coating amount.

5. Heating Lamps: Equipped with heating lamps, ensure that the machine can work in cold weather.

6. Perforation Knife: Equipped with high accuracy perforation knife, cooperate with our pneumatic differential pull and separating device to cut sheets perfectly.

7. Rewind to Roll: After lamination, the sheets are rewound to roll to dry the glue and prepare for cutting.

8. Anti-curvature Delivery Platform: Especially designed for thin paper, avoid paper curvature.

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